Humana is a firm that has operated in Herford, Germany, for more than 60 years. It is a trademark of DMK, one of the biggest dairy cooperatives in Germany. Since 2018, the product portfolio of Humana Turkey has included junior and follow-on milk, medical dietary foods, as well as types of nursing tea and herbal tea. Humana baby formulas are produced by 29 farms which are part of the Humana dairy cooperative in our region: The quality needed for our products is supplied by family farms that we have known for generations. They care about the cows in particular and feed them solely with more suitable and natural GMO-free food. The farmers also promise to offer the best quality possible from family to family. All ingredients/materials within the manufacturing process are monitored through to the last phase and gently processed gently at every step thereafter. They are subjected to more than 400 controls until simultaneously packaged. The high quality of our milk formula has been proven by successful audits in accordance with International Food Standard rules.

Sosyal Medya'da Humana