Sesu is a wax and depilatory product brand that has been offering solutions to meet the needs of Turkish consumers since 1969. Sesu is the first known Wax and Depilatory Product brand. Established by two entrepreneur sisters, Selma and Suzan, Sesu was incorporated in Kopaş Kozmetik Paz. ve Dağ. A.Ş. in 2004 and became an outstanding brand of this leading firm in the cosmetics industry. Sesu is the number one Wax and Depilatory Product brand in Turkey (according to consumer attraction data from AC Nielsen). It became a trustworthy and specialist brand in the eyes of consumers. Sesu offers various solutions for consumers through different product segments in the Wax and Depilatory products market. Having product development and R&D experience for over 40 years, the primary goal of Sesu is to make the lives of women easier and to present innovative products to consumers by constantly keeping track of world developments. Sesu products fall within sub-segments as Classic Wax, Wax Strips, Depilatory Creams and Supplementary products. Sesu Resin Wax and Depilatory Creams are categorized according to the hair types of consumers based on the identity of the Sesu brand as a wax expert and based on its R&D studies. Sesu aims to provide ideal solutions for consumers by developing different product formats specific to Normal Hair, Thick Hair, Fine Hair and Sensitive Skins.

Sosyal Medya'da Sesu