XO brand belongs to the category of EDTs (Eau de Toilette) and deodorants. XO is the abbreviation of the word Extraordinary and falls within the mass perfume category with fragrance types for women and men. Stuck in the minds of consumers with the tempting fragrances of its perfumes and by casting different celebrities in its commercials, XO is a brand which is in demand, known well by consumers, and that has left its mark in the market. The brand gained an important place in the women’s perfume market thanks to various products offered to consumers in 2018 such as XO women’s Pink Paradise, Ocean Fresh, Aqua Joy, Sweet Tropical, Olivia and Nice Girl as well as Bella Vista and Black Premium in their new packaging. Together with XO men’s Absolute Blue, Aqua Cool, Dynamic, Romantic and Ricardo, the brand is competitive in the market of men’s perfume.

Sosyal Medya'da XO